Fully opened bi-folding doors remove a wall of the house

Why Choose Bifold Doors?

Invented by the Romans, bifold doors have since advanced to become one of the most popular choices for home renovations in the UK. There are many reasons why bifold doors can make a great addition to your property, however, they can be a more expensive alternative to other more traditional styles. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and you need to figure out what works best for you and your home.

We’ve put together a list of the main reasons why aluminium bifold doors are a top choice for most UK homeowners so you can make an informed decision.

Schuco Bi-folding doors opening out to a garden


  • Help You Make The Most of Your Surroundings

If you are looking to bring the outside in and make the most of your home’s surroundings, a bifold door will help you do just that. This interior design trend is all about blending the outdoors with the indoors to create the illusion of space and allow you to enjoy nature’s best assets from the comfort of your home. But what about the homeowners who don’t have a garden? Bifold doors can also be installed inside to create a flexible living space. If you’re having guests over a need more space, bifold doors can be a lifesaver.


  • Maximise Natural Light

Glass bifold doors allow a large amount of natural light to flood into your room making your home feel more spacious, bright and inviting. Furthermore, maximizing the sunlight in your home can help your mental wellbeing and boost the mood as it increases the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin.

If this sounds appealing, the perfect option for you is aluminium bifold doors. The inherent strength of aluminium allows for slimmer frames than when manufactured from timber or plastic. This means that you can enjoy maximal glazing and more light.

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  • Add Value to Your Property

According to some experts high-end bi-folding doors can add around 5-10% to the resale valuation of a property and make it more appealing to buyers. Although moving home might not be in your recent plans, it pays to think ahead and make bifold doors a worthy investment.

  • Superior Security

Burglars have a tendency to target the back of the property which is why bifold doors have been equipped with a number of high security features. They are generally fitted with multi-point locking systems for added security and then ones with aluminum frames are extra strong and durable.

man cleaning glass

  • Easy Maintenance

Bifold doors are designed to be incredibly easy to maintain, you only need to clean the tracks and windows once in a while. If you opt for aluminium frames you won’t even have to deal with bad weather, as this is the strongest and more durable material bifold doors can be made of.

house thermal efficiency

  • Thermal Efficiency

Bifold doors help solve problems with excessive heat loss in the home, and this improvement in energy efficiency means saving on bills. An added bonus of aluminium bifold doors is that they provide a polyamide thermal break as it is a low thermal conductivity material. This basically means that you get at least a 30% improvement in thermal efficiency.

Schuco 7 Leaf Bi-Fold Door

Not only can bifold doors brighten up your property’s kerb appeal but they can also make a great investment. If you would like to know more about the benefits of aluminium bi-fold doors or discuss your project with one of the leading suppliers and fitters in the West Midlands, get in touch with Lite Haus UK.