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Which is better, UPVC or Aluminium Bi-fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors can be a well worth but ultimately more expensive alternative to traditional patio doors. If you’ve decided to invest in your property with a stunning brand new pair of thermal efficient bifold doors you might as well choose the best material available.

So which is better for bi-fold doors, uPVC or Aluminium? Without a doubt, the best option is aluminium as it is a stronger, more durable finish than uPVC. It allows slimmer frames increasing the glass to frame ration and provides superior insulation making your home more energy-efficient. This also means that aluminium bi-folds are slightly more expensive than uPVC but its definitely a solid investment choice.

Depending on what you’re looking for, one might be more suitable than the other so we’ve put together a list of the main pros and cons these two materials offer to help you make an informed decision.


Aluminium Bi-fold Doors uPVC Bi-fold Doors
Longevity Up to 20 Years Up to 10 Years
Maintenance Flex, expansion and contraction resistant. Requires little to no maintenance. Can warp and bend with age. Will require repainting.
Aesthetical Value Adds to the aesthetic value of your property. Crisp, sharp, metallic finish available in a range of colours. Fewer colours available and bulkier frames.
Pricing More expensive but a cheaper long term investment. Low-cost but expensive maintenance in the long term.


In terms of longevity, aluminium wins every time. Predictably, UPVC doors don’t have the best longevity. Most will only come with a guarantee of 10 years and they can start to look tired well before this, gaining a yellow or pink tinge. As a result of this, opting for low quality UPVC can cost you more over time. Of course, the strength of aluminium compared to UPVC means it has greater longevity and won’t take away from the aesthetical value of your home after a few years. Indeed, UPVC may be the cheaper but if it has poor longevity does paying less really make sense?


As a consequence of the poor longevity of UPVC, it can warp and bend with age, especially if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, which can make them difficult to open and close. Being an exterior element of the house, UPVC, therefore, begins to apply difficulty to its purpose with age and makes the maintenance of the doors difficult as a result of the material. In comparison, Aluminium is flex, expansion and contraction resistant and when in direct sunlight, requires very little maintenance to stay in good working order. Not only does the application of UPVC mean that it doesn’t last as long, it transpires that the maintenance of the door, as a result, will become increasingly difficult.

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Aesthetical Value

Need I say more? Aluminium looks a lot better. With a crisp, sharp, metallic finish, Aluminium adds tonnes to the aesthetical value of the home and the door itself. One major worry back in the earlier days of using Aluminium was that the colour range would be limited to a typical metallic finish, black and white. However, times have changed and the Aluminium finish of the doors now varies in colour. That’s not to say UPVC looks bad, but the in-distinct nature it holds falls short to Aluminium, on an aesthetical scale.


In favour of UPVC, it is cheaper than your Aluminium finish. Aluminium doors are generally more expensive than the UPVC options and the higher price tag can put many people off. However, as stated in the benefits above, the easy maintenance of Aluminium Bi-Fold doors means that in the long run, they’re likely to be a better value option than lower priced UPVC doors, especially if these are also low quality and harder to maintain. You should also take heavily into account aesthetical value. As well as it’s practical reason’s, Bi-Fold doors are purchase because they look stylish and contemporary. If UPVC doors take away from that element, Aluminium should definitely be considered.

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Brighten up Your Home

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