The benefits of aluminium as a material for windows and doors

Aluminium has many benefits for construction and home improvement which has seen it rise in popularity in the UK over uPVC and timber. Here at Lite Haus, we only recommend aluminium when it comes to choosing your windows and doors as it guarantees quality and style whichever product you choose.

So why are aluminium windows and doors better than uPVC?

Aluminium is strong and durable

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium is a great material for building sturdy windows and doors. Much stronger than wood or plastic, aluminium is highly durable and scratch resistant, offering a guarantee that your frames will last for years to come. This reliable material is an affordable long-term investment for frequently used bi-fold doors or ventilation windows that would be prone to wear and tear. To back this up, our aluminium doors come with a 10 year guarantee. Aluminium windows installed into a home

It offers flexibility in design 

The properties of aluminium allows it to be easily shaped, which means you’re not limited in the choice of design when working with this material. The lightweight nature of aluminium, combined with its strength, is ideal for creating slim frames for a large glass surface.

Aluminium is sustainable

Our windows and doors are eco- friendly and recyclable thanks to the sustainability of aluminium. This material can be continuously recycled without losing its benefits and only uses 5% of the energy it takes to produce the primary metal during the recycling process.

It is a very low maintenance material

Aluminium frames only require limited care to keep them in top condition. Unlike cheaper alternatives that may look worn out over time, the durable properties of aluminium means that your frames will maintain its ‘just installed’ appearance and never give away its age.

A house installed with aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium products are thermally efficient 

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for homeowners, particularly when you’re selling your home. Our modern aluminium doors are fitted with a polyamide thermal break system to resist thermal transfer and effectively keep in the warmth to reduce your energy bills. Aluminium window frames are also suitable for double and triple glazing, so you can guarantee thermal efficiency throughout your home.

Benefit from a modern design 

Our aluminium windows and doors are very popular for the modern and sleek appearance they add to any home. Thin aluminium frames allow for a high glass-to-frame ratio that maximises your view and natural light. What’s more, alu frames can be finished in any RAL colour of your choice so the design options are endless!

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