5 Panel Bifold Door and a Flat Rooflight System

Product Highlight: Skylights & Rooflights

Create a stunning environment in which to work, rest and play with our range of skylights and rooflights. Here at Lite Haus, we have a bespoke solution tailor made just for your home. In this post, we’ll highlight the range of sky and rooflights on offer as well as discuss their features and benefits in further detail.


Aesthetically pleasing 

Add a modern and contemporary touch to your home with our beautiful roof and skylights windows. Not only do they add a number of benefits for your home which we’ll discuss shortly in more detail, they will make a stunning touch, focal point to your property as well as enhance the look of any room. Adding a touch of luxury to your dining area, kitchen or bathroom to name a few areas in the home just got easier with our beautiful range. Often, making your property look beautiful means saving space. If you’re a house plant lover, you can also bask in the knowledge that your plants out under the skylight will continue to grow healthy without cluttering the window ledges.

Brighten up your home

Allow natural light to flow freely throughout a room through the roof of your property with our flat rooflight systems. Depending on the look and feel you are going for, we have a solution to suit you. For a reflective and striking effect on the other hand, you might think about our roof lantern option. Boost your vitamin D as well as your productivity and happiness by adding more natural light to your property.

group of the six skylights windows

Energy Efficient designs 

Having natural light is easily one of the most efficient ways to save money. With more light flooding into your home, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary additions to your electricity bills each month as you’ll have more natural light, leaving your space brighter for longer. All of our rooflights also feature a thermally efficient design, keeping unnecessary or unwanted cold air into your property at bay. They are perfectly functional year round so you can rest assured that your home will stay warm during winter months, even with one of our larger installations. Additionally, during the colder months, a home can really benefit from that extra sunlight that pours in and helps heat up your home.

Perfectly integrated design 

Our skylight and rooflight systems can be made to the size of the glass to meet your exact requirements. Here at Lite Haus, we pride ourselves on our exceptional made to measure service where we truly listen to your needs. We carefully manufacture a skylight or rooflight to integrate perfectly into the existing design of your home.



All of our skylight and roof lights are fully secure ensuring the safety of you and your property is paramount. We understand how important this is, particularly when the roof is partially exposed. We ensure our valued customers have the security they need from our products and we’d be happy to discuss with you our extensive range which can feature integrated locking systems or chain drives for your added peace of mind.

Increase Value

Installing a skylight into your home also has the chance to increase the resale value on your home. This is because Skylights can change the entire atmosphere of your personal space as well as their array of other benefits including promoting energy efficiency as mentioned previously.


Flat Rooflight systems

Create a steady airflow for ventilation and deliver a stunning appearance with crisp clean lines with our flat rooflight systems. We can advise on and manufacture your bespoke project from scratch with our made to measure services. It is worth noting that with our flat rooflight systems only the PVC cassette needs to be replaced if glass is broken, not the complete unit.

All of our flat rooflight systems feature a low profile:

  • Standard fixed rooflight

Ideal for adding an effective way to introduce light into your home. The fixed roof light is thermally efficient and secure.

  • Ventilation flat

Our ventilation flat roof light version opens up by up to 360mm to enable natural ventilation of a space to filter into any room whilst using fully concealed chain drive actuators for added security.

  • Egress Rooflight

Great for maintenance purposes this rooflight is designed to open wider, up to a 70 degree angle so you can access to the rooftop as and when required.

child reading underneath a skylight

Traditional Roof Lanterns

Our stunning traditional roof lanterns create a reflective, visual effect around your living space with a softline and slim appearance.

The lantern skylight, uses a ‘render stop’ to create a perfect fit and secure finish, every time.

Each traditional roof or sky lantern is available in an easy-to-install ‘kit’ style design so that it can be screwed together easily and efficiently.

rooflight christmas

Are you considering adding a skylight or rooflight, adding visual appeal to your home?

We offer a free quotation service for flat roof windows and skylights. To discuss your individual requirements and the options available for a bespoke design, please call 024 7697 3408 or e- mail info@litehausuk.com today, where a member of our experienced team will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.