Large Sliding Glass Doors – Home Renovation Ideas

Large sliding patio doors are a popular choice for homeowners who are renovating as they are highly effective at transforming the look and functionality of a home. Made to measure, large sliding glass doors can work with any size space and replace old fashioned French doors which offer nothing in the way of style or thermal efficiency.

Create a wall of glass

For those looking to make a design impact with their house renovation, a sliding patio system with large glass panes can do exactly that. The Schueco range of large patio doors brings unmistakable style with generous glazed areas and ultra slim sightlines that open the home to the outdoors and let heaps of natural light stream through. Up to 3 tracks can be installed to allow for extra large openings to create an amazing glass wall design. Large glass sliding doors change the look of the home interior and exterior, a transformation that never fails to make an impact!

Glass wall design with large sliding doors

Glass feature wall created by the innovative Schueco sliding system.

Central to a modern design

Gone are the days of plastic uPVC patio doors with a simple French door design. If you want a modern style in your home, glass sliding systems are the most innovative and stylish patio doors on the market. The most modern and thermally efficient sliding doors are designed with Aluminium profiles which are energy efficient, water tight and customisable in single and dual RAL colours. Multiple glazing options also work to improve thermal efficiency, with options including double and triple glazing, self cleaning glass and solar controlled panels. All of these contemporary features work together to deliver a modern and high performing system that still creates an airy, light-filled space. Download our product brochures for full specification.

A family friendly patio

Despite the large size of glass doors, modern aluminium systems are designed to be easy to operate. With support springs and smooth gliding rollers, anyone can comfortably open sliding patio doors. Innovative designs by Schueco also provide level thresholds for a clean design even when open. This enables a seamless transition between inside and outside that is safe and accessible to everyone. With sophisticated multi-point locking systems included, aluminium sliding patio doors are highly secure and can be locked in any ventilation position for peace of mind.

Schueco ASS 70 FD opening to patio

Schueco ASS 70 Folding doors connecting living area to garden dining space.


Made to Measure Sliding Doors – Get a Quote

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