How Secure Are Your Windows and Doors?

windows and doors security

The windows and doors in your home play a critical part in keeping your home safe and secure. Old windows or poorly maintained patio doors in particular can make your home more vulnerable to a break in.

Burglars are often opportunists who will target homes they can get in and out of as quickly as possible. On average a burglar takes less than a minute to break in to a home and so broken locks, single glazing or warped frames are a weak spot in any home security.

How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

The back of the home is most vulnerable to a break-in and so what type of exterior patio door is installed is significant. You might be quick to assume that sliding patio systems and bifold door installations are not secure due to the amazing glass views they provide. But that’s simply not the case. The windows and door industry has spent years developing technology for highly secure systems suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. As a result, a modern bifold door installation not only looks great but is also highly effective at keeping the rear of the home secure.

With double and triple glazing, multi-point locking systems, durable aluminium frames, lockable handles and intruder-resistant infills, our bifold doors are highly secure.

Burglar Resistant Certification

Here at Lite Haus UK, we partner with leading supplier Schuco to manufacture and install aluminium windows and exterior doors that keep your home safe from intruders. All Schuco systems are tested to meet rigorous EU and UK standards for burglar-resistance and designed with the external glazing beads inside.

Schuco exterior systems are Resistance Class RC2 certified with burglar-resistant fittings and safety glass in accordance with DIN EN 356. A product with RC2 classification must withstand a break-in attempt for at least 3 minutes so it is a highly valuable feature for exterior entry points.

Watch the video below to see how intruder-resistant they are!

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