How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

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Our quality aluminium windows are customised to suit your home so there are a number of factors that will impact the cost of your new aluminium windows. The size, style, colour and glass type will all influence the final price so you have the options available to customise your aluminium windows to work with your budget.

Window Size

The size of your windows will determine the quantity of material and glass required, so the cost will increase if you’re replacing a large window or multiple windows in your home. If you’re extending your home or renovating, consider the size of the opening for your new aluminium windows to keep the price down. At Lite Haus UK, we can install windows to be stand-alone or integrated into curtain walling or ribbon windows.

What RAL colour options are available?

Aluminium windows are available in a wide range of RAL colours so you can get the shade you want. The versatility of Aluminium allows for dual colour options, so the outside frames can be one colour and the inside frames a different colour to match your interior. An anodised finish is also available with Aluminium window frames to enhance the natural quality of the material. However both options are likely to be more expensive than one standard colour so you’ll have to weigh up creativity and expense if you’re working to a tighter budget.

Aluminium casement windows

Aluminium is a highly flexible material so there are many design and style options available. With our Schuco casement windows you have a choice of five different sash profiles as well as angled profiles or ancillary profiles to create bay windows. Similarly, the Lite-Style aluminium range offers a wide choice of configurations including fixed lights, tilt and turn, top and side hung windows, so there is a design for every home.

Aluminium windows are a great investment

Aluminium frames have many benefits over uPVC and timber so they’re a reliable investment when you need to replace your old windows. In general, aluminium windows prices are more expensive than uPVC windows, but for good reason. When you invest in Aluminium, you’re investing in long-term quality and so this quality influences the cost of aluminium windows in comparison to other materials.

How can our windows save you money?

The modern design of our products includes the best thermal technology, so they’re among the most energy efficient windows on the market. Schuco aluminium windows are fitted with a thermal break system so they’re highly effective at keeping in the warmth and reducing energy bills.

How long will Aluminium frames last?

All of our aluminium window frames are highly robust and scratch resistant, so they will maintain their performance and appearance for longer than other products on the market. So whilst aluminium windows may cost more initially, the difference in price is more than compensated for by a long lifespan.

Are Aluminium windows secure?

Security is an important consideration when you’re installing new windows. Every home should have the peace of mind that they’re home is safe so it’s important to choose a quality material for your windows and doors. Despite its lightweight appearance, Aluminium is incredibly strong so it effectively meets high security standards. All of our products have been designed with security in mind and are rigorously tested with PAS 24 rating.

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