How Much Do Aluminium Bifold Doors Cost?

Our Bifold Door Prices

Our product range of exterior bifold doors caters for a range of budgets. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium quality service here at Lite Haus UK, so we work with the best in the business. Here we’ve put together a quick price comparison for 2019/20 so you know what works with your budget!


Are bifold doors expensive?

Bifold doors are an innovative addition to the patio door market and are favoured by homeowners and architects alike for the supreme style, quality and versatility that they offer. This often makes them a more expensive choice than standard patio doors. Aluminium profiles are of the highest quality and offer the best in durability and thermal efficiency, so whilst these may be more expensive than folding doors made of uPVC or wood initially, they are a better investment in the long-run!

Average price of Schuco aluminium doors
Schuco bifold doors price

We’re an approved manufacturer and installer of premium Schuco doors, renowned for quality engineering, slim frames and supreme performance. Schuco bifold doors are the most expensive in our product range but they’re also the best on the market. Average costs start at £2,150.

Reynaers bifold door prices

Reynaers aluminium bifold doors price 

Reynaers have an excellent reputation for high-end quality and distinctive style. Generally they’re less expensive than Schuco products but still maintain the very best in performance and design flexibility. Lite Haus are an approved UK manufacturer of Reynaers aluminium doors. Average costs start at £1,890.


Bifold door prices starting from £1597
Lite-Style bifold doors price

This is our own range of affordable bifold doors designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high-end brands. We have used our vast experience and product knowledge to provide value for money whilst maintaining the high market standards that our customers expect. Average costs start at £1,597.


Aluminium bifold door cost: what do you get for your money?

The final cost of your bifold patio doors will be dependant on the final design. All of our bifold products offer a range of options for a bespoke design, so you can make the most of your budget. There are a number of choices that will affect the final cost of a bifold door:

The quality of the material. All of our products are made from aluminium which is more expensive than uPVC, and for good reason. When you choose aluminium, you’re paying for long lasting quality. Find out more about why aluminium is the best material for bi-folding doors.

Choice of glazing.  It is standard that our folding glass doors are fitted with double glazing, however other styles of glass can be chosen. Triple glazing is a popular choice for aluminium frames.

The size and number of panels. The size of the door opening and layout of your home will determine the number of door panels you can have. Opting for less door panels will keep costs down as it reduces the amount of material required. Read our guide to bifold door configurations to work out what size door is suitable for your home.

The colour and finishing touches. You have the option to choose from a range of RAL colours to match the style of your home. You’ll also be offered the chance to customise the finer details, like door handles.

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Bifold door cost calculator

Enter your measurements into our bifold door designer and you’ll get a quick and accurate estimate emailed to you. Or if you would like to discuss the options available in more detail, send us a message and we’ll be in touch!

What type of patio door is best?

As well as bifolding doors, homeowners can choose from sliding systems, lift and slide doors and panoramic designs, so you have lots of options to work with if our aluminium bifold door prices aren’t right for you. Check out our guide to the types of exterior patio doors available to find the best option for your home.