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How Eco-Friendly Are Aluminium Bifold Doors?

By now, you’ll be no stranger to the many advantages of our external aluminium bifold doors. From their contemporary look to their ease of access, there’s a whole host of benefits to their installation. But one of the attributes that it’s most important to consider is just how good they are for the planet.  We explore this in more detail below.

Committing To Being Eco-Friendly

As global warming continues to escalate, many of us are becoming more committed to reducing our carbon footprint. This can be achieved by making choices that are more environmentally friendly. 

In the case of external bifold doors, there are several eco-conscious upsides to choosing from the wide range of aluminium options available. These all relate to the durable, efficient and recyclable nature of the world’s most abundant metal.

Aluminium Is Long-Lasting

Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t warp or wear over time. It can also be anodised, which increases its resistance to external aggressors. These resilient qualities explain why it is the leading choice for external bifold doors.

Because they are so durable, aluminium doors don’t require a lot of maintenance. They also probably won’t need to be replaced in your lifetime, so they’ll help you do your bit for the environment, as well as look after your wallet!

Aluminium Is 100% Recyclable

Should the lifespan of your aluminium bifold doors come to an end, they are easily recycled. In fact, the process of recycling aluminium is extremely efficient, with one tonne of recycled aluminium saving nine tonnes of CO2 emissions

By contrast, when materials like PVC are recycled they introduce a range of harmful toxins into the environment. This does not happen nearly as much with aluminium, which can be made into a series of new products without incurring lasting damage. 

Aluminium Can Reduce Heating Use

As aluminium is a good conductor of heat, it has been traditionally seen as a poor choice for external bifold doors. This is no longer the case. Thanks to the addition of thermal break technology in contemporary designs, houses are now kept warm and cosy. Not only is this a desirable perk in light of surging energy bills, it will help to consolidate your eco credentials too. 


Aluminium Puts Less Strain On Resources

Easy to transport due to being lightweight, as well as relying heavily on renewable energy in its production processes, aluminium is incredibly kind to the environment. We’ve already covered how recycling aluminium cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, and this process doesn’t take long at all. In many cases, household aluminium cans are recycled and put to good use within 2 months.

What’s more, as aluminium makes up 8% of the Earth’s crust, it could be used for 400 years without replenishment. How’s that for a sustainable material?

Aluminium Bifold Doors At Lite Haus

At Lite Haus UK, we are trusted manufacturers of high-quality aluminium bifold doors. Each of these products is made to measure, which means that we will have the perfect solution for your requirements. 


Whether you choose Schüco ASS70 FD bifolds or from our wider range, we can install your doors at a time that is convenient for you. They can also be fully customised in line with your existing décor. 

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