How BiFolds Add Value To Your Home

Bifold doors are now at the centre of contemporary design. If you are looking to modernise the home, this will usually be achieved by integrating bifold doors. Apart from their aesthetic value, bifold doors offer much more to you as a homeowner.

Today we are going to take you through how, exactly, bifold doors can add value to your home. When we talk about value, we are not strictly talking about design value. Bifolds really increase a home’s saleability as well as the money that will eventually end up in your pocket. Some experts estimate that adding bifolds can increase the resale valuation of your property by up to 10%. So although the initial investment is rather steep, we believe it is worthwhile in the long run.

Contemporary Look

When you purchase a house, you want to be assured that you will be able to make some money if and when you decide to sell it. There are a great number of ways you can add value to your home. One of the ways we are going to dissect is by adding bifold doors.

Bifolds add value to your home, firstly, because they look fantastic. Windows with lots of glass and sleek casing (metal or otherwise) gives any home a contemporary and attractive finish. In recent years, biophilic design has had a major role in design trends. At the core of biophilic design is the notion of bringing the outside in. Bifolds are a great way to achieve this. They often bridge the gap between nature and the interior with their wide glass panels. By integrating bifolds you not only modernise your home but you open it up and invite in the outside. This can be particularly rewarding in the summertime: when you can fully open your doors and enjoy the summer sun.

The contemporary edge that bifolds provide is ultimately what adds value to the home. They are a stunning product of innovation and design that will turn the heads of prospective buyers.

bi-fold doors


Increased Security

People often assume that bifolds are a security risk. The abundance of glass, and apparent openness, may lead one to believe that they can be broken into easily. This actually is not the case. Bifold often incorporate heavy duty handles and hinges, multipoint locks and toughened glass. In comparison to standard patio or french doors, bifolds are an excellent security solution. If prospective buyers are confident that what they are viewing is safe and secure, this will, in turn, add value to your home.

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Thermal Efficiency

One of the great positives about bifolds is that they help your home retain heat. These doors often utilise double, or even triple, glazing. The thermal efficiency that they boast keeps heat in your home and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. In winter this can be a lifesaver. The bifolds available here at LiteHaus offer Polyamide thermal break technology. In layman’s terms, our doors are a fantastic option if you are looking for doors that yield high levels of thermal efficiency. Afterall, a home that is thermal efficient is going to increase its value to prospective buyers. You can view our range of bifolds by clicking here!

We hope you enjoyed our article outlining how integrating bifolds into the home can increase its value. For more news on bifolds, sliding doors and for contemporary design ideas visit our blog.