Create The Perfect Summer Garden With Bifold Doors And More

If you ask us, the best thing about summer is being able to spend more time outside. And with record-breaking temperatures already gracing us with their presence, it’s certainly open season for those who love to lay about in the sun.

But how can you make the most of the warmer weather before it’s all said and done? Read on below to discover our top tips for creating the perfect summer garden retreat.

Set The Stage With Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are ideal for removing the barrier between your inside space and the great outdoors. They are stylish entry points that offer an uninhibited view of your garden and allow light to filter into your home to create the illusion of space. And nowhere are they better utilised than in the summer.

Throughout the warmer months, bifolds provide easy access to and from your garden and will also keep your house cool. They are essential if you want to open up your home to the elements, or hold a garden party with enough space for all your guests.

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Perfect Your Patio

In many instances, your bifolding doors will lead on to a patio, which is a space rife with potential. And even if your patio isn’t located directly outside your house, there’s still a lot you can do with this area.




For example, you can add comfy seating, colourful planters or even a barbecue to your paved installation and sit back and watch as the sun takes its turn in the sky. Adaptable as they are, patios are also handy for sporting equipment such as ping pong tables and can make the perfect location for fire pits come sundown.

Take The Inside Out

All fresco dining can become the norm by the simple addition of a plastic or wooden table to your backyard. Depending on the space you have available, this will vary in size but can always be made to look the part with matching cushions, napkins and linen.

Something else you can do to boost your external seating options is to invest in an outdoor sofa and set this up on your decking or patio. Accessorising it with cushions and throws will really ramp up the chill factor!

Paint It Black (Or Whatever Colour You Like)

Instead of buying everything first-hand, why not get the paintbrush out and give your garden furniture a timely makeover? Fences, sheds and outdoor seating can all benefit from a fresh coat of paint, especially if you choose colours that complement your plants and other outside furnishings.




When picking your colours, our advice is to stick to 2-3 shades to avoid sensory overload. Less is definitely more when creating your garden paradise.

Take Precautions

When it comes to the sun, there’s no substitute for being sensible. That’s because as much as we all love it, prolonged exposure to heat can be dangerous.

In addition to keeping hydrated and regularly applying suncream, it’s recommended that you place a limit on the time you spend in the sunlight. This can be done by making sure you have access to a parasol or shaded area to keep cool, as well as taking regular trips back into the house.

Another clever way of limiting heat is to have a natural lawn. The presence of this grassy space can cool the surrounding area via a process known as transpiration. It can also absorb energy from the sun, to ensure that its rays don’t affect your vision.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Like it or not, the sun will eventually set. But if you’re determined to stay outside for as long as you can, there are a few things you can do. The first of these is to choose from many different lighting options, to increase nighttime visibility and create some ambience throughout those long summer evenings. Candles, paper lanterns and LED lights are just some choices to consider.




If the temperature does drop and your blanket isn’t quite cutting it, you could do worse than investing in a fire pit. As well as keeping you warm, this will give you a great late-night focal point and provide endless entertainment in the form of toasting marshmallows!

Lite Haus: Bifold Door Specialists

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, make your garden more of an extension of your home with aluminium bifolds from Lite Haus UK!

We are proud to offer a stunning range of precision models, including designs from Schüco, Lite-Style and more, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when selecting the right doors for your home.

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