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How to Maintain & Clean Your Bifold Doors – Easy Guide

Aluminium bifold doors are a great addition to your home – they’re thermal efficient, attractive and easy to maintain. They let the light in and brighten up your home perfectly, but with the sun beaming in, you’ll notice any and all streaks or smudges on your windows.

Thankfully, they really require minimum effort to keep them in top condition and it’s so simple to do. Need some tips on how to clean your bifold doors? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of to-dos when cleaning your bifold doors.
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  • Pick your time of day

  • Whilst those sunny days can really show up streaks on your bifold windows, it’s not the best time to clean your windows as the sunlight can dry your cleaning agents too quickly, leaving your windows even streakier than before. Instead, try cleaning them on a cloudier day for a better finish.
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  • Clean the interior first

  • Naturally, the exterior of your bifold doors will get dirtier a lot faster than the inside as it’s exposed to the elements. Taking this into consideration, be sure to clean the interior of your doors first to ensure you don’t have to clean your sponges and microfibre cloths – saving you time and an unnecessary job!
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  • Take care when cleaning

  • One of the best methods for cleaning your glass bifolds is to use filtered or distilled water mixed with a mild detergent, such as washing up liquid or a glass cleaning solution. Filtered or distilled water should be used, as the limescale in tap water can cause streaking, however, this isn’t a necessary step and can be avoided. More abrasive cleaners should be avoided too, in order to prevent damage to the aluminium frame as well as sharp brillo pads, wire brushes or hard brushes, as they may scratch the glass and aluminium – a soft sponge or cloth will go a long way!
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  • Don’t let it air dry

  • When it comes to drying your windows, don’t let them air dry. Be sure to use a high quality rubber squeegee blade and use a consistent horizontal or vertical motion and overlap the glides to leave no water or suds behind as you want to minimise the chance of streaking. After this, use a clean microfibre cloth and buff your windows in a circular motion to really make them sparkle.
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  • Clean the hinges and tracks

  • The bifold runners must be kept clean and free of obstacles in order to keep them running as they should. Be sure to remove any visible stones or pieces of debris as if it goes unnoticed, it can cause serious damage to your door’s runners. A vacuum cleaner nozzle should be able to deal with more general day-to-day dirt which builds up!
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  • Don’t forget the frames

  • When cleaning your bifold doors, it’s not just the glass that needs your attention. Remember to give your frames a wipe down to keep them looking their best.

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