kitchen skylight

Can You Have a Skylight on a Flat Roof?

It is possible to install a skylight on a flat roof and you can trust it will look stunning. However, like with any building project, planning permission may be required, and this will depend heavily on your chosen product. A low profile project means less input from your local planning authority and vice versa. If […]

Fully opened bi-folding doors remove a wall of the house

Why Choose Bifold Doors?

Invented by the Romans, bifold doors have since advanced to become one of the most popular choices for home renovations in the UK. There are many reasons why bifold doors can make a great addition to your property, however, they can be a more expensive alternative to other more traditional styles. Ultimately, you get what […]

Large Sliding Glass Doors – Home Renovation Ideas

Large sliding patio doors are a popular choice for homeowners who are renovating as they are highly effective at transforming the look and functionality of a home. Made to measure, large sliding glass doors can work with any size space and replace old fashioned French doors which offer nothing in the way of style or […]

How Secure Are Your Windows and Doors?

The windows and doors in your home play a critical part in keeping your home safe and secure. Old windows or poorly maintained patio doors in particular can make your home more vulnerable to a break in. Burglars are often opportunists who will target homes they can get in and out of as quickly as […]

Bifold Door RAL Colour Options

What colour options are there for aluminium bifold doors? When it comes to choosing the colour of your bifold doors and aluminium windows, you’re spoilt for choice! As a partner of Schuco, we can offer our aluminium frames in any RAL colour so you can find the perfect shade to match your home. What’s more, you can even choose […]

Types of Patio Doors – A Helpful Guide

The installation of quality patio doors can transform the way a home looks, feels and is used, no matter what size space they’re installed in. With modern designs incorporating the best thermal technology, quality materials and different configurations, the patio door is not just an asset in the summer, but all year round! But with […]

Bifolding Doors in the Winter

With bifold doors offering greater views of your garden through large glass panels and less framing, it’d be easy to assume the energy efficiency of a bifolding door is significantly reduced. However, this is not the case. Thanks to innovative and modern design, external bifold doors aren’t just for the summer. All of the doors […]

Get ready for winter with energy efficient windows

Old and worn-out windows can be one of the main causes of heat loss in a home and so replacing these with new energy efficient windows can be highly cost-effective. Modern aluminium windows will bring a wide range of benefits to your home throughout the winter, including extra natural light, great aesthetics and much needed […]

Schuco ASS 70 Folding Door Product Review

As an approved fabricator and installer of Schuco bifolding doors and windows, we have first-hand knowledge of their quality products. Schuco has a long history of excellence in innovative door systems and they are world renowned for their quality German engineering. It is this experience and expertise that we believe gives Schuco the edge over […]

Are Bifold Doors Still Popular in 2018?

Bi fold door installations have risen in prominence over the last decade in the UK, with the sleek style and quality quickly making them a customer favourite over traditional patio doors. It’s easy to see the appeal, but the real question is… Are bifold doors still on trend? Well you’ll be happy to know that […]