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Maximising Natural Light in Your Home

Studies have shown that natural light has a positive effect on our health, from improving mental health to increasing productivity. A space that receives a lot of natural sunlight creates a therapeutic environment that can trigger endorphins and enhance concentration and state of mind. Therefore, natural light is an important consideration to factor in when designing […]

Designing Your Home Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

House extensions are a popular type of home improvement in the UK as they can transform the size and look of a property. Creating more space is always at the centre of any design project and here at Lite Haus UK we know the importance of utilising the space you have. We have installed our […]

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Merging the space between indoors and outdoors has become a popular trend in home decor, with doorways and windows at the centre of design. Sought after open layouts that maximise the space of adjacent living areas can create a single living space for families to enjoy, and more and more homes are extending this design […]

Grand Designs Live 2016

It’s that time of year again. Grand Designs Live has made it back to Birmingham, bringing new designs and the hottest trends of 2016. The exhibition runs over a 5 day period, from the 19th – 23rd October, offering a great opportunity if you are doing up your home. Bi-Folds are quite popular at the […]

Are Bi-Fold Doors Right for Your Home?

Bi-fold doors were first introduced in a rudimentary form around 953 BC, but really started to grow in popularity in the 19th century. This was around the time where closets became common in many households. Many became attracted to the idea of having bi-fold doors as an alternative to the standard swing door. Bi-folds over […]

How to Care for Your Bifold Doors – A Few Handy Tips!

At Lite Haus UK we pride ourselves in providing customers with outstanding bi-fold doors. It’s amazing how extensively the addition of bi-folds can enhance your home; letting in light, enhancing space and somehow making a room feel bigger. Bi-fold doors are also low maintenance, so it doesn’t take much to keep them in full working order. […]

Bi-Fold Doors – The New Winter Must Haves!

High winds, heavy rain, snow and the occasional storm; the Great British Winter. This year is set to be a chilly one with officials predicting cold weather spreading further into the new year. The sound of thunder and flashes of lightening while you sip your evening Tea by the fire can be surprisingly relaxing, but some patio doors aren’t keeping the warmth in and the cold out, making your bills soar. What if the glass doors that the rain was falling upon were actually keeping your house warmer? That’s right; Bi-fold doors aren’t just for summer.

Grand Designs Live 2014

It’s an exciting week in interior design as many of you visit Grand Designs Live to get some home improvement ideas. If you’re looking to create your very own grand design, it’s an unmissable exhibition!

4 Reasons For Installing Bi-Fold Doors

With their contemporary design and spacious character, a great number of modern homeowners are reaping the rewards of installing Bi-Fold doors. Unlike their restrictive and aesthetically displeasing relative, we believe Bi-Fold doors are the perfect match for any latter-day home and here’s 4 reasons why.. The Aesthetics Realistically, we could sit here for years debating […]