Bifolding Doors in the Winter

With bifold doors offering greater views of your garden through large glass panels and less framing, it’d be easy to assume the energy efficiency of a bifolding door is significantly reduced. However, this is not the case. Thanks to innovative and modern design, external bifold doors aren’t just for the summer. All of the doors that we install into outside walls provide optimal thermal insulation, even in the worst winter weather!

Thermally Broken Aluminium

Aluminium bifolds have risen in popularity for home extensions and new build projects as they’re favoured for their contemporary style and easy maintenance. But in an age of environmentally considered design, how energy efficient your external doors and windows are is an important consideration. This is why our aluminium products are so popular. Not only do they look great, but each one is manufactured to offer exceptional levels of thermal insulation and improve home energy efficiency.

Are Bifolding Doors Energy Efficient?

Yes! One of the key benefits of Aluminium bifolds is that they are highly energy efficient. Lite Haus UK manufacture all of our bifolding doors in aluminium to ensure the highest quality. Aluminium is very strong, non corrosive and resistant to flexing, so in comparison to other materials like uPVC or timber, aluminium is better suited to changing temperatures as it doesn’t expand or contract. Aluminium is a natural conductor, so in order to improve the insulation of our door frames, we include polyamide thermal breaks. Thermal break technology creates an insulated barrier between the inside and outside of the frame, preventing heat transfer between the two. As a result, our thermally broken frames conduct heat, cold and sound much more efficiently than other types of frames.

U-Values and thermal efficiency of Schuco bifold


Are Bifolding Doors Weatherproof?

Yes, and much more so than standard patio doors. This is because external bifolding doors use a low threshold. Most swing patio doors have a “step over” threshold whereas a quality bifold door installation can take advantage of a “low threshold” whereby the doors are sunk into the floor to provide a seamless transition from indoors to out. This means that it is much more resistant to water leaking through. When compared to general patio doors, bifolds are nowhere near as draughty. They attain higher levels of thermal retention through insulation ensuring little heat is lost.

Enjoy the Winter Sun

Bifold doors are superb at letting natural light stream into your home, and this is a vital benefit during the darker winter months. Utilising large visible panels allows for greater viewing of your garden during the winter months, and the ability to fully open the space in the summer – the best of both worlds!

Bifolds are a Great Investment All Year Round!

The many benefits of a quality bifolding door installation makes them suitable for the winter and the summer, so they’re a great investment! If you live in the West Midlands, speak to Lite Haus UK today for a free quote and advice. Give us a call on 024 7646 0115 or drop us a message.