Bifold Door RAL Colour Options

What colour options are there for aluminium bifold doors?

When it comes to choosing the colour of your bifold doors and aluminium windows, you’re spoilt for choice! As a partner of Schuco, we can offer our aluminium frames in any RAL colour so you can find the perfect shade to match your home. What’s more, you can even choose one RAL colour for the inside aluminium frame and a completely different colour for the outside. This ensures that everything matches perfectly and gives you more freedom when planning a re-design or a complete home renovation.

Powder Coating Process
Our aluminium frames are powder coated to provide a hard-wearing and fade resistant colour finish that is long lasting. During the powder coating process, an electrical field is created between the powder and the aluminium and then cured under heat. This process leads to powder coated aluminium windows and doors that are highly durable and easy to maintain.

RAL colour options for bifold doors

Best colour for bifold doors

With over 200 colour options listed on the RAL chart, you have a huge selection at your disposal. When it comes to deciding exact colours, it’s smart to consider the wider aspect of your home to help you make your final decision. Aluminium window frame colours, outer brick colours and inner wall shades should all come into the decision process when choosing the best colour for your bifold doors. We have however, listed some of the most common colour combinations below to give you some inspiration.

What colour patio doors should I opt for?

It’s a common trend to match the colour of bifold doors or sliding patio doors with various brick shades already present in a home. For example, smooth white brick extensions are commonly paired with Slate Grey (RAL 7015) or Black (RAL 9005) whilst orange tinged brick is commonly accompanied with White (RAL 9010) aluminium frames.

Grey Bifold Doors
One of the most common aluminium colours for our aluminium products is Grey. Black frames can look harsh with some exteriors, whereas grey tones are luxurious and add a lot of style. Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) is most in demand alongside a Mid Grey (RAL 7039).

White Bifold Doors
White (RAL 9910) is a classic shade that adds a bright appearance to any home. White aluminium bifold doors are often favoured for windows and doors in a kitchen extension.

Black Bifold Doors
If you want to make a statement choose Black aluminium frames (RAL 9005). They stand out from both lighter and darker paint or brick work and look stylish alongside decking and laminate internal flooring.

For more inspiration, check out the Lite Haus UK gallery.

Aluminium Window Frame Colours

Alongside your sliding patio doors, you can also choose any RAL colour for your window frames. For a matching set, choose a colour that complements all areas of your home where windows are installed. Or why not mix it up? With 200 RAL colours to choose from you, as well dual colour options, you can find the right shade for every room! Why not pick a classic colour to match your sliding doors on the exterior frames, and a bright hue to match your interior for the inside of your aluminium window frames. The choice is all yours!

Why is colour choice so important?

When you select colours for your home, you’re telling people a bit about who you are. So our wide colour palette is there to help you make the right choice for you and your home. What’s more, when you’re looking to sell your home in the future, the installation of aluminium windows and doors can add a lot of value to your home thanks to their stylish appearance and thermal properties. But bright colours aren’t for everyone and so the colours you choose for your aluminium frames are important. Consider what would sell well alongside your own personal taste.

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