Lite-Style Bi-Fold Doors

Lite Haüs UK’s very own Lite-Style range of affordable Bifold Doors offer above ground bottom running with multiple threshold options. The hardware components and system are bespoke designed to give maximum carry capacity, whilst offering slim sightlines, oversized doors and minimum profiles. The doors can open in or out using the same profiles, the sash and outer frame are both the same depth and it gives excellent thermal values. It is a truly inline system with bespoke hardware resulting in a high performance and very desirable attractive door.

Our bi-fold doors are built specifically to your needs from the configuration of the doors to the handles, accessories and colour.

  • Maximum height 3000mm
  • Maximum width 1000mm
  • Multiple threshold options
  • Ultra smooth bottom running
  • Slim sightlines
  • Dual Colour & Special Finishes available
  • Intermediate doors have concealed shoot bolt locking with single point handle. Key locking optional
  • Option for access from outside on any configuration
  • Colour matched handles and magnetic door holders
  • Every conceivable configuration achievable up to a maximum 7 Left  7 Right with bottom rolling
  • Opening either in or out uses the same profiles
  • 30mm polyamide thermal break for increased thermal values
  • Inline system with sash and outer frame the same depth
  • Document Q Compliant, Including PAS 24 and BS6375 Part 1 Weather Testing

To discuss your individual requirements with Lite Haüs UK, please call 024 7646 0115 or e- mail

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Lite Style bi-folding door costs