Bi-Fold Doors – The New Winter Must Haves!

High winds, heavy rain, snow and the occasional storm; the Great British Winter. The sound of thunder and flashes of lightening while you sip your evening tea by the fire can be surprisingly relaxing, but some patio doors aren’t keeping the warmth in and the cold out, making your energy bills soar. But what if the glass doors that the rain is falling upon were actually keeping your house warmer? That’s right; bi-fold doors aren’t just for summer!

Flood your rooms with natural sunshine

Quality bi-fold doors are now one of the most in demand household must haves. Aesthetically, the doors look exceptional in almost every home, with their sleek and modern design you can bring your home into the 21st century.

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During the summer, folding doors are used to optimise air flow through the house, cooling it down to a comfortable temperature during the scorching months. What you may not already know is bi-fold doors are also superb at retaining heat during the winter months, keeping the 30 mph winds out and the warmth in, therefore lowering that dreaded gas bill! If your home is not correctly insulated during the winter months it can lead to damp and even mould in your home.

Dynamic and thermally efficient technology

We all know what it can be like, turning on the heating just for an extra hour, putting the fire on slightly longer each time, then the bill comes, triple what you’re accustomed to, now what? With Bi-folding doors you can add an attractive and current feel to your home while saving you money in the long run. Ditching your old doors that let through a slight draft giving you chills could be the best decision you ever make.

UPVC is known to be thermally efficient but what may surprise you is how Aluminium is becoming increasingly dynamic. Aluminium bi-fold doors equalise heat and cold amongst their many other benefits; they are environmentally friendly and need less maintenance than UPVC, and they also are much stronger than UPVC bi-folds.

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From January to December bi-fold doors can add a stylish, economical and thermally efficient touch to your home, whatever the weather you can trust that bi-folding doors are the way forward. Click here to get a quote now.