Are Bi-Fold Doors Right for Your Home?


Bi-fold doors were first introduced in a rudimentary form around 953 BC, but really started to grow in popularity in the 19th century. This was around the time where closets became common in many households. Many became attracted to the idea of having bi-fold doors as an alternative to the standard swing door.

Bi-folds over the years have become more popular, as new fashionable styles were introduced. More recently they have once again risen out of the shadows and stepped back into the limelight, as many people are rediscovering their appeal. Although they are still used for small bedroom closets, bi-folding doors are more commonly used today on exterior applications.

Bringing the outdoors into your homes has been the reason for this major shift in interest from the likes of French doors to bi-folds.
The glazed doors have dominated the market for years now, folding back and creating a large opening. However, it seems with fashion ever changing, new ideas and designs are constantly being introduced and are challenging its supremacy.

The more recent and latest look turns to sliding doors, which allow for larger expanses of glass and bigger views that are uninterrupted by frames. In terms of modern architecture, architects insist on an infinity look, which see’s the doors level with the floor.

Bi-folding doors, Sliding doors or French Doors?

When looking for the right set of doors it can be difficult. With there being so much choice, how do you know which one is right for you? Bi-fold, French, and sliding doors indeed offer a better view of the garden in comparison to windows, so these are often the most prevalent choice. After deciding on having new doors installed, the next step is to choose which type of doors you want.

Bi-folding doors – modern folding designs feature multiple leafs which concertina back to fully open up the aperture.

Sliding doors – Sliding patio doors tend to be made up of two or more large panes of glass, one of which slides behind the other.

French doors – Traditional patio doors which are often found in older properties, these usually comprise of two doors which both open out.

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