open square rooflight

Lite-Style Flat Residential Thermal Rooflight System

Designed to let light flow in whilst offering the option of natural ventilation.

latern skylight

Lite-Style Residential Thermal Roof Lantern

Create more natural light by incorporating a thermal roof lantern into your design

Lite-Style Contemporary Roof Lights

The Lite-Style Flat and Lantern roofing systems are designed to meet the needs of the modern home. Our products are made using sustainable materials which deliver superior aesthetics and crisp clean lines. Once installed, our secure contemporary roof lights maximise natural light providing an elegant appeal to any home. Lite-Style flat rooflight systems also offer a steady airflow and natural ventilation.

All Lite Haus UK designs are available made to measure and either flat or lantern in style. Contact us to discuss sizes and get a quote today.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 024 7656 0115.