Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your products cost?

Schüco products are the only products we use because they are recognised by industry specialists as the best. Lite Haüs UK supply and install their world-class German-engineered products at great value for money.

How do I arrange a quotation?

Please fill in your details on the contacts page or call us on (024) 7646 0115 to discuss your individual requirements.

Can your products be bought on a supply-only basis?

Lite Haüs UK are happy to supply all products without installation if you require.

How long will it take for my doors to arrive?

Once all documentation has been approved and signed off, they will be ready for installation within 4-6 weeks. Timescales can vary depending on the type of product but any variance will be fully communicated to you at all times during the manufacturing process.

How long will it take for my new doors to be fitted?

A set of folding or sliding doors will take, on average, one day to fit.

What colours are available?

A full palette of RAL colours is available and matt paint finishes are supplied as standard.

Can I have UPVC doors as opposed to aluminium?

Lite Haüs UK do not supply or install plastic products. We only recommend aluminium doors by Schüco because the longevity of aluminium is incomparable to the inferior plastic products available. Because plastic doors and parts do not perform as well — and coupled with the expansion problems associated with plastic doors — we only offer bespoke aluminium ultra-slim folding and sliding doors by Schüco.

How can I be sure my room won’t overheat?

Lite Haüs UK offer a wide range of glass products including solar control glass which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are various glass options designed to perfectly compliment your Schüco doors.

What are the payment terms?

We ask for a 30% deposit when contracts and the approval documents are signed. Once products have been manufactured and the installation date has been agreed, we will require a further 50% of the total cost to be paid pre-delivery. When all the work has been ‘practically completed’, clients will pay the remaining 20% and the project paperwork and certificates will be completed. If we are simply supplying your doors without installation, we only ask for 30% on order and the final 70% pre-delivery.

What guarantees are offered?

All Lite Haüs UK products are covered by a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.